The Missing Link - Your Hair Porosity!

Do you know your hair porosity?

Hair porosity refers to the ability of hair to absorb and retain moisture, and it is determined by the hair's cuticle structure. Hair with low porosity has tightly closed cuticles that make it difficult for moisture to penetrate, while high porosity hair has cuticles that are more open and prone to losing moisture.


Low Porosity Hair:

Low porosity hair is typically strong and healthy but may feel dry and lack luster. This is because the tightly closed cuticles make it difficult for moisture to penetrate, resulting in a buildup of product on the hair. This type of hair is also more prone to product buildup, which can make it look greasy and weighed down.

 Some characteristics of low porosity hair include:

  • Water beads up on the hair instead of being absorbed.
  • Hair takes longer to dry.
  • Products tend to sit on top of the hair rather than being absorbed.
  • Hair may feel hard or waxy.
To care for low porosity hair, it is important to use lightweight products that can penetrate the cuticle. Deep conditioning treatments and heat can help to open the cuticle and allow for better product penetration.


High Porosity Hair:

High porosity hair has cuticles that are more open, allowing moisture to escape easily. This type of hair is typically more prone to damage and breakage, and it may also appear dull and frizzy. High porosity hair requires more frequent conditioning and moisturising to maintain its health. 

Some characteristics of high porosity hair include: 

  • Hair absorbs water quickly.
  • Hair dries quickly.
  • Hair is prone to tangles and breakage.
  • Hair may appear dull or frizzy.

To care for high porosity hair, it is important to use products that can help to seal the cuticle and retain moisture. This includes using a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to lock in moisture and protect the hair from further damage. Additionally, it is important to avoid heat styling tools and harsh chemicals that can further damage the cuticle


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